Spent the weekend and Monday being a “fixer” for a photographer coming to shoot virgin processions, as well as different virgins in various churches, for a travel magazine. In the end we saw three processions, but for me this was the highlight, especially because it happened by chance. I had stopped in at the Iglesia Magdalena near my house to ask if I could arrange a photo shoot and the lovely archivist Aurora invited us to come “backstage”, as it were, and see them preparing inside the church just before the evening procession on Sunday. Apparently this was the first time they have ever allowed this for people outside the brotherhood. Wow.

This is the Virgen del Amparo and below are a few pics I took backstage, focusing on the costaleros, who are a bit of an obsession with me during Semana Santa. I mean, I just don’t get WHY they do this, especially as many of them end up with lifelong injuries from carrying all that weight on the backs of their necks. This time I even got a short video of them lifting up the platform with Aurora’s husband holding up the skirting so I could get a better look. I am still going through other photos I took over those three days – might share more later.