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I was on the radio today! Radio Tomares to be exact, a small suburban station. My pal Javier Compás got in touch the other day to ask if I would do a short “chat interview” on his programme about gastronomy in Sevilla and what I do. At first I thought NO WAY. I mean, people are always teasing me about my “atrocious accent” and so the thought of speaking in public in Spanish sent a chill of dread down my spine. And that’s basically why I decided to do it – because it scared me.

So in order to build up my courage I first met my friend Ania for lunch at Lalola Taberna Gourmet where chef Javier Abascal plied us with lovely wines and even better food. By the time I met up with Compás with Ania in tow it suddenly seemed like a good idea to include Ania in the show, since she is a licenced tour guide familiar with gastronomy tours (I think Javi was also sensing I might bolt). And it ended up being FUN. It was great having Ania there and, although I “lost my words” a couple of times, I don’t think I came off sounding like a total idiot.

And just like everytime I do something I thought I could never do… I’m ready to go again!  🙂

Listen here: La Factoría Fenicia 14 Nov 2019