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Yet another social media connection. Cathy sent me an email a couple of weeks ago saying “I hope you don’t think this is weird but I’ve been wanting to message you for years but never got around to it and was a little intimidated.” She went on to say that she’d be back in Sevilla soon (she’s been here many times) and that she’d love to meet up. So today was the day.

We went to Bartolomea, a place I’d been meaning to go back to for awhile (so many bars, so little time…) and since Cathy is staying right above the bar it seemed like a good time. We had a fab lunch, and a few wines, and really hit it off. Afterwards we stopped in at Vermutería Yo Soy Tu Padre for a penúltima and to visit Esteban (my future husband 😉 ). Made tentative plans with Esteban and his friend Jota to do some Bodega Research over the next month or so, which is quite exciting for me. More on that later.

Anyhow, it was lovely meeting a new friend and possible future neighbour. Cathy will be back soon and also has plans to retire somewhere in Andalucía. Meanwhile we’ll stay in touch.

La Penúltima!