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So just like a couple of weeks ago when Gabriella surprised me by texting me from the runway in Bilbao that she was on her way to have lunch in Sevilla with friends and inviting me to join them, Tomoko texted on the train from Jerez that she would soon be in Sevilla, on her way to Lisbon for a few days, and asked if we could meet up. And my plans for the day suddenly changed.

First we had a fab lunch at newly opened Maccheroni & Co in Plaza Alfalfa (have been wanting to check it out) and then we came back to my place so Tomoko could visit her favourite boy, Loki. Then another surprise (!) when Morcilla came prancing into the room, jumped up on the back of my chair and let Tomoko give her a snibble. I couldn’t believe it. Afterwards we went to see the LIGHTS ON for this year’s Christmas lights and then she was gone. Hoping we can meet up again when she is on her way home.