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Spain is now officially on lockdown for a minimum of 15 days, though it may be longer. A lot longer. So after one last quick outing to get more cat food earlier in the day (I wasn’t as well stocked as I’d previously thought) I am now housebound for the duration. Have to say I was very disappointed to see so many bars still open, with one owner saying that until they were strictly prohibited from opening (rather than the “express recommendation” issued on Friday) they wouldn’t close. But even worse were the idiots INSIDE THE BARS… I mean what were they waiting for? I felt guilty enough going out again for the cat food, how did they justify sitting around (not a safe distance apart) just to have a tapa and a beer? Anyhow, all bars have now been forced to close.

At home have spent much of the day cooking up some of the food I bought yesterday: chicken & veg garam masala, meatballs, marinara sauce (with added sausage and veg), all now frozen in single meal sized packets. Tomorrow will do something with garbanzos and spinach, basically trying to cook and freeze all my fresh vegetables as they certainly won’t last 15 days. And in case you’re wondering what I’m going to do with all that toilet paper 😉 …

Meanwhile am hoping that the “cold” I picked up while away this week is actually JUST A COLD. I keep reading conflicting info about coronavirus symptoms, so I’m going to stop reading them now and just hope for the best. No fever (as of yet) so that’s a positive sign. It’s going to be a very weird time. Thank goodness for the internet. I’d hate to be going through this without all you guys.  🙂

These are the only shops and services allowed to be open.

  • food
  • beverage
  • essential goods
  • pharmacy
  • clinics
  • optical
  • orthopedics
  • hygiene products
  • hairdressers
  • newsagents
  • gas stations
  • tobacco
  • technological equip
  • telecos
  • pet food
  • online shops
  • dry cleaners
  • laundries