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2 years on

I remember back in March 2020, exactly two years ago today, being all worried that this new pandemic lockdown thing might last more than a few weeks. Ha. And then of course on last year’s lockdown anniversary we were all looking forward to the vaccine. Since then so much has changed while much has stayed the same.

I’m still living a kind of “part time” life, not going out a lot, not travelling, etc. Much of that has to do with barely working these days, so there’s no money for these things, but some of it is also me still being extra careful. I look ahead with dismay that China is locking down cities with the same numbers of new daily Covid cases countrywide as we are experiencing just in Andalucía (approx 3000), meanwhile Spain’s government is talking about removing all preventative measures after Semana Santa. Something is not right. Why is the response to the latest omicron variant being taken seriously in China and Hong Kong and not even being mentioned in the news here any more? I fear a very nasty “surprise” lies ahead.

Meanwhile I’m so tired of people being “tired of Covid” as if that is enough to make it disappear. It wears me down, it makes me all kinds of sad and want to just give up. The astounding selfishness I’ve seen from people who are only being inconvenienced in their otherwise comfortable lives is so demoralising. I shudder to think what they would do if they ever suffered an actual hardship. There is at least one more year of this fucker, as a serious threat to our lives and to those around us. Deny it all you want. Cherry pick news articles that back up what you want to be true. But please be aware that you are not only risking your own lives. The rest of us live here too.  ✌️