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Since April 26th children under 14 have been “allowed” by the government to be taken outdoors for 1 hour a day, with 1 adult (max 3 kids per parent), and staying within a 1km radius of their homes, at all times respecting the 2 metre social distancing rule. And you can clearly see from the photo above how well that’s going.

Then, as of May 2nd, everyone else was allowed out for an hour a day, to walk or do some other kind of individual sport or exercise. The timetable for this is: ages 14-70 from 6-10am and 8-11pm, ages 70+ (with their carers) and special needs people 10am-12pm and 7-8pm, and kids with parents, same rules as before, from 12-7pm. People who are already living together are allowed to go out together (though how is this enforced?), but you’re not supposed to meet up with friends. And of course you should be RESPECTING SOCIAL DISTANCING. So of course this happened…

I honesty don’t know what the hell is wrong with people, but I’m staying the fuck home. The government clearly doesn’t have a clue what it’s doing, so they are playing dice with our lives to see which way things will go. Even with people still dying every day from the virus. Even though a vaccine is still WAY off in the future. Even though second and third waves have been predicted, almost guaranteed, by many experts. So it’s, hey let’s see what happens if we do a partial “reopening” of society. And these covidiots go out like, well, idiots. Thinking that if the government tells them it’s okay to go out then everything must be fine again. It’s not just that they are putting their own lives at risk, but also everyone else’s. A recent study in Iceland (which has tested almost all of its population by now) showed that at least 50% of those who tested positive for the virus were asymptomatic, but still infectious.

The mind reels.

At this rate the second wave should be happening within a couple of weeks. I’m good with staying in awhile longer. Heck, even for a lot while longer. Since the indoor Red Cross race a couple of weeks ago I’ve been getting up to the rooftop a few times a week to do my STEPS. Not 10,000 like in happier times, but trust me, doing half that in a confined area is boring AF and is really all I can manage. And it’s certainly better than nuthin. Plus, when I realise that 1km from my house only takes me to the Triana bridge or over to the Alameda, what’s the diff? Okay, I feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel, but it’s do-able. Plus I can do it any time I like.

I was wondering if I actually fit into two of the new timetable groups. Obviously I am in the 14-70 age group, but so is also almost everybody. I may also belong to the 70+ and special needs group because of my high-risk status due to previous cancer and chemo, and the auto-immune shit. So I may try it if there is no second wave by mid-May because, not only are the hours better, there will be way fewer covidiots out there. I’m guessing this group will be a lot more cautious.

How’s your lockdown going?