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Got a supermarket delivery on Saturday and discovered that instead of sending me the 3 lemons I’d ordered they sent 3 KILOS of lemons (!!!). Well I mean, what on earth does someone quarantined on their own do with 3 fucking kilos of lemons? So of course I did the wise thing and asked Twitter, specifically requesting that no one mention lemonade.

Gotta say there were some very interesting ideas, mostly for lemony baked goods, preserves and jams, and lots of mentions of gin. Sadly or otherwise I hardly ever eat sweet things and, ever since The Unfortunate Incident with gin when I was a teenager, I can barely be in the same room with a gin and tonic. Then someone suggested freezing the lemon juice in ice cube trays for future use, but I don’t actually own any ice cube trays (something that must be remedied, along with getting a potato masher, a rolling garlic press and a muffin tin for making yorkshire puddings).

Anyhow… that same someone also said I could freeze sliced lemon and just add them to drinks as required. Bingo! Because since the warm weather hit I’ve gone back to my usual 1 litre of lemon water per day, which is why I’d ordered those damn 3 lemons in the first place (good thing I didn’t order 6!). Frozen lemon slices are perfect for my needs, but of course there isn’t space in my freezer for 3 (fucking) kilos of sliced lemons.

As luck would have it, my friend Lucy is having her hair done at a place around the corner from me today, so when I take out the rubbish I will drop off a bag of lemons for her. Apparently her Bakewell Tart is famous and lemon curd is the magic ingredient. Win-win.

Glad that’s sorted! And I’m sure this has all been just as exhausting for you as it was for me. 🙂