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Well, or at least a teaspoon a day for starters. Thing is, I’ve heard whisperings about the benefits of turmeric for years, specifically with combatting inflammation, which it seems I have in spades. But it was only when I happened upon a tweet about it couple of days ago (yep, in the middle of the night) that it finally clicked that I should get on this. Or at least give it a go.

So I bought some turmeric the next day and proceeded to make some stuff, adding it to my usual salsa az, adding it to some garbanzo flour batter… but I needed more. I wanted to know how I could get my required daily amount in one go, and also what that daily amount was. Turns out it’s about a teaspoon of ground turmeric a day (which is what I’m going with) or as a supplement 250-500 mg. So now I am working out how to get that teaspoon all at once, like maybe in a shot of tomato juice in the morning? And I will continue adding it to my cooking, but that will be for bonus benefits. So, while I may be ten years too late on this, will report back in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, my white cotton summer dresses are already looking nervous…