Hey, it’s World Mental Health Day folks! That means that for the other 3 out of 4 of you… well, I guess we have to remind you about it. Again.

Yeah, I get it. Was the same when I had cancer. Makes people uncomfortable, they end up saying inappropriate and sometimes hurtful things, and so we end up not saying much either, even when feeling just a little bit understood would make all the difference.

And hey, not really your fault guys, since we are all conditioned to not show the cracks, to keep a stiff upper lip, to appear NORMAL at all costs.

But you know what? Sometimes that costs too much.

Last time I “opened up” to someone about the shitty time I was experiencing one day a couple of months ago their response was that I should talk to a professional. So I’ve pretty much buttoned up since then. Well, except for here. I can say whatever I want here, which is the whole point of this blog.

All my adult life (since I left home at 15) I have heard this…
“But you always look so strong and calm”.

Well guess what? It’s called a coping mechanism.

For those of you who know what this is like, how it feels to be told this, remember that you’re not alone. And that asking for help is not weakness (I’m still working on that last one).

It’s only been recently (post cancer) that I’ve been able to admit to suffering from chronic, sometimes crippling, anxiety, even though it’s been with me since I was a child growing up in an abusive home. I’m still not doing great with it, should probably be doing things better, but today I am doing this. Letting you know you are not alone. Just keep talking.   ❤