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mariaMaria December 9th 2020

I mean, what are the odds? These days I am only going out about once a week, so it’s not often I run into people I know. But by some lovely chance today I happened to see Maria @tierradeconejos having lunch outside with friends at Las Teresas as I was on my way home from having tapas. I don’t think we’ve seen each other since before the pandemic. So we talked about how random it was that we would see each other, since Maria is also restricted from travelling into Sevilla and was here for a business meeting. Then we realised that we were at the very same place we had first met many years ago (Maria is one of my first ever official stalkers!), so of course I had to take a pic of her inside under the jamones. Then when I got home I looked up the photo I took of her and her friend Ania on the day we met AND IT WAS THE EXACT SAME DATE as today, December 9th, but seven years earlier in 2013. Must be Christmas Magic.   🙂

maria aniaMaria and Ania December 9th 2013