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very special christmas

So it’s now just 15 days until Christmas! For many it’s just another day. For others it’s an excuse to travel abroad to visit family and kill other people because you couldn’t just NOT DO THIS in the exact same way for just one year. Still others (like you and me!) are looking forward to enjoying the holiday season and celebrating it in our own way. And so rather than complain about all the Covidiots out there (for a change), I thought it would be nice to talk about how we have been adapting to the changes thrown our way this past year and, especially, how we are going to celebrate this very special Christmas.

This will be the first time in years that I haven’t spent at least a few days in Málaga to see the spectacular lights there and visit friends. And well, also visit Málaga, which I love. So that’s a bit heartbreaking. But even if they were allowing travel between regions for more than family gatherings, I wouldn’t risk it. Indeed, since early November I’ve barely been going out at all, which I think was a wise move as there was quite a significant spike in new cases (and deaths!) that month, which prompted the new regulations and curfew. So it will definitely be Christmas at home.

To be honest, I haven’t made any great plans myself. I’m hoping some bars will be open on Christmas day (they usually are, it’s Christmas Eve when everything shuts down) as it would be nice to stop in at one or two and greet my friends and “families” there. I’m hoping to have a couple of chats with far away friends. And otherwise just hang out ‘flixing with the cats, make some nice food, maybe open one of those special bottles of Mallorcan wine. Sorry if that sounds a bit boring, but I’m quite happy with it. Oh, and a nice touch this year is that I finally have a Christmas tree! Well, sort of. I can’t have one in the apartment because the cats would treat it like a big baubly toy. But my neighbour Encarne has put one up in the entrance downstairs, so it’s a lovely greeting whenever I come home.

What are your plans?