christmas eve 2020 (2)

This Christmas Eve was mostly about food. Because hey, what else was there to do? My Instagram “memories” have been trolling me this past week or so, showing me photos of happier Christmas times with friends, both here and in Málaga. But of course none of that was possible this year. So I decided to just enjoy making some great food and, since I am still not having people over to my house, share it with my friend Peter, who was happy to come over and pick up a take-away of everything, including some panattone, beer and palo cortado sherry (in the green salad dressing bottle). The menu was slow braised Ibérico pork cheeks in oloroso with sides of roasted potatoes, roasted veg (carrots, sweet onion, purple onion, whole garlic heads, endive) and my now EXPERT Yorkshire puddings. Simple and delicious. How was your Christmas Eve?

christmas eve 2020 (1)