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So this just arrived! And it’s fabulous. But there is quite a story behind it. Back in August 2013 I was scrolling Twitter one evening and saw a tweet by Niamh @eatlikeagirl talking about needing to meet her Kickstarter goal in order to get her Bacon The Cookbook project going. If I recall correctly the deadline was that night. And well, I’d been following Niamh for quite awhile, and I also love bacon, so I decided to invest and hoped she reached her goal – which she did! Great. And for 30€ there was the promise of a copy of the book – if all went well we would be receiving our signed copies by Christmas. Which, well, obviously didn’t happen.

Thus began a series of group emails from Niamh to all of us investors, explaining the various glitches and upheavals (personal and professional) that were keeping her from completing the project. And at first I thought, okay, no problem. I mean, it’s a cookbook about bacon. I wasn’t going to die if I never got it. Also, I’d never done a Kickstarter thing before. I just figured it’s like any investment – you pays yer money and you takes yer chances. There are no guarantees.

Well, as time passed I was actually surprised with each new Bacon Update email that would pop up in my inbox. I mean, after a year or so I reckoned the project had hit a brick wall or whatever, c’est la vie. But nope. The update emails kept coming, often with a bacon recipe attached to keep us going. But what kept me going was wondering – oh god, what’s happened now – each time. Because honestly, how much could possibly be going constantly wrong?? Well, I guess you’d be surprised. I sure was. I think it’s safe to say it was an adventure for all of us.

Less happily for Niamh BUT, she persevered, stuck it out until the very end, even after missing the EIGHTH Christmas shipping date, bless her. Honestly, I would have just gone “sorry guys!” and admitted defeat, well, probably back in 2015. But in the end Niamh received her shipment of the books (I think in November?), signed 1000 copies and packed up and posted them all herself, finally sending them on their way to us. Mine took a bit longer to arrive than those sent to UK residents but hey, here it is. And it’s not only a gorgeous book, I know I’m going to have some tasty fun with it, plus I will always remember the journey it took to get here.

Thanks for not giving up Niamh!