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Luckily my intelligence is one of the few things I am not insecure about (I mean, I need something to hold on to!), though this doesn’t mean that I am always smart. Case in point. Last week I bought my first ever food thermometer. It’s good for either checking both solid or liquid temps and, since I mostly use olive oil for frying, I wanted a way to make sure I didn’t overheat the oil. And so I found this cute model on sale and decided to go for it. But imagine my disappointment when the damn thing wouldn’t turn on. In fact, no matter which button I pressed NOTHING changed on the screen. So I got in touch with Amazon and they promptly sent a replacement, and someone to come and pick up the defective item. And well wouldn’t you know it? The second one didn’t work either. Dammit. So I spent at least an hour googling possible problems and finally it seemed like the battery probably needed replacing, as this sometimes happens with electrical products that have batteries included, especially if they’ve been “on the shelf” for a long time.

So fine. I popped over to my local electrical shop (La Casa de las Bombillas), showed the very helpful woman at the counter my uncooperative thermometer and asked if they had the same type of battery. When she took it out I asked her if maybe it wasn’t inserted properly, and she said it was fine but, before selling me a new battery she would test this one. And it was good! Fully charged, no problem. So then, I asked, why the screen didn’t change when I press the buttons??

Well, she said… maybe you should remove the factory screen protector? 🤦🏻‍♀️😅

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PS don’t tell Amazon!