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I am honestly sick and tired of asshole mask wearers. You know the ones. The mask is on, but slipped under the nose (and sometimes chin) or the mask is being worn on the wrist or elbow because… well, asshole. Since last summer in Spain masks have been mandatory everywhere inside and outside, with 100€ fines for not complying. So I’m a bit confused by a recent “new” ruling this week saying masks have to be worn EVERYWHERE outdoors, because I thought we were already doing that.

It started off last spring with masks only being required inside shops, restaurants, offices, etc as long as people respected the 2 metre social distancing measure. AS fucking IF. Of course they didn’t. Nobody did. So that’s why last August they extended mandatory masks to EVERYWHERE. That’s why I don’t understand what is different about this week’s announcement.

Meanwhile… there are also too many of these shitty masks being worn (see above), especially in bars and restaurants. I understand the attraction as they are reusable and washable (up to 20 washings) and come in different colours with the business logo on them. BUT THEY NEVER FIT. Maybe they do when they are brand new, but aside from not fitting and slipping down noses, they’re not even effective. No three layers, no filter, just a piece of cloth. So basically useless.

I have seen bars that have their waiters wear a surgical mask underneath these vanity ones, and that is perfect. I just wish every place was being as responsible, because as “numbers” (sickness, deaths) continue to rise here – and they are rising – it won’t be long before the fourth wave hits us and non-essential businesses have to close again. And the ones who will complain the most are the ones who didn’t follow the rules.