You know what – goddammit – they aren’t just fucking numbers. They are people who got sick, who died. They are also people still suffering from long Covid, even if they didn’t happen to be people you personally knew. I honestly don’t understand why it has to happen to someone you know before you take this to heart. Are you that self-centred, selfish and borderline narcissistic? Whatever happened to empathy? Social conscience and responsibility?

Anyhow, we are going back into Level 3 here in Sevilla, predictably after the Save Semana Santa Shitshow that happened here a couple of weeks ago. They say the numbers are rising? Actually, the sick and dying are rising. Don’t forget that. All of those people had lives, families, loved ones. Just like you. And just because you’ve been “lucky so far” doesn’t mean you haven’t infected others. I’m so angry today I could spit. Just stay the fuck at home. Follow the rules. NOBODY needs to take a fucking holiday during a pandemic.