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The Plaza San Fransicso is all dressed up with nowhere to go after the various “no Feria” activities were (thankfully) cancelled this week. Starting Saturday, and throughout the following week, there were supposed to be flamenco fashion shows along the Avenida, various outdoor concerts, private group lunches in selected Casas Palacios, and yeah, even bullfights. Which leads me to ask… what the actual fuck were these people thinking?? It’s a fair. Yes, it’s Spain’s biggest Feria and, no, we didn’t get to have one last year, and it turns out we don’t get to have one this year. But so what? Because it’s just a fucking fair.

Don’t get me wrong, I love so many of our festivities here, and have also been missing them. I’ve lived in Sevilla for almost 30 years, so these have become a part of my way of life. But I mean… PANDEMIA, guys. And so, taking into consideration those who have lost their jobs, businesses, homes – their lives! – I don’t think it’s not a huge ASK for still healthy people to just say, hey no problem, we’ll do it next year. Something to look forward to.  🙂