spring spruce up

So after doing some spring time sprucing up this past week – cleaning the AC filter (don’t ask), storing away winter bedding, stuff like that – THIS happened. Happily my landlord is on the case and not only will I be getting a new water heater this week, but also a bright shiny LED ceiling light for my kitchen, replacing the old horrible fluorescent fixture.

This guy is really the best landlord I’ve ever had in Spain. Something goes wrong, he fixes it. No questions, no problems. And as a bonus he told me last week that he’s happy to have me stay on for another year, and even longer. He was kind enough to put my rent down a bit recently, though now that the State of Emergency is officially over and my contract date is coming up (July), it’ll probably go back to the original rate. Fair enough.

I love this place so much. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s attractive and comfortable, and it’s also the best home I’ve had here.  Fingers crossed I can keep on living here for a long long time.