charles grodin

Charles Grodin has died. Cancer. Age 86. And there have been several lovely tributes to him all over the internets, which led to me finding some old YouTube clips of him on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show (omg, so funny) and THEN I discovered that he also had his own talk show for maybe 2-3 years, I think starting around 1992. Which explains why I never heard of it as that’s when I ended up in Spain and didn’t watch any TV for about ten years. And so here I am tonight looking up these old shows on YouTube and they’re just wonderful.

Apparently there was a faux-feud between Grodin and Carson for years, which they both played up for laughs. Below you can watch an example. I will always love his performance as The Duke in Midnight Run with De Niro, which remains one of my favourite movies ever. Also, read this wonderful tribute by his friend Jonathan Alter and find out how amazing and altruistic he was outside his “showbiz” career. Thanks Chuck. xx