water heater

So this happened! Took a little longer than I thought it would, and I had been hoping for a larger 80 litre one (there’s space for it) but what the heck. It’s the same size as the old one (50 litres) and at least I can adjust the temperature on this one. While the boys were here doing this they also replaced the hideous fluorescent ceiling fixture with a LED one supplied by the landlord. I’d specifically asked for one with Luz Neutra and ended up with that awful cold blue light in a too-small fixture, so now my kitchen looks like a morgue. Have spoken with landlord and, as the guys have to come back to repair and paint the ceiling I said I would buy another light if they would install it. No problem. Other than now having to wait until the guys are free again.

Meanwhile the ghostly blue makes my kitchen look haunted and I half expect the air to crackle when I walk in. Plus the guys didn’t even centre it! Will definitely have to supervise when they install the larger, more attractive luz neutra one.