judgement day

Well okay, not really. It’s just Monday. But I’ve been thinking and it seems that some folks have noticed that I have an opinion or two about this and that. And that’s fine, because I actually do. But lately (meaning more than usual since Covid) it also seems that I’m being judged by people who are assuming I am judging anyone who doesn’t share my opinions. And well, aside from the fact that we all do this to some extent, unless you’re a right wing fascist child-abusing anti-vaxxer then I’m pretty much live and let live. But being judged for (allegedly) being judgemental seems a bit meta to me. Where does it end? Where did it start? Why did it start? The mind reels. Anyhow, please knock it off. It’s hard enough getting out of bed most days as it is without having to also consider how many people are projecting their crap onto what they presume is me. Thanking you in advance… ✌️