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happy monday

Last night I fell asleep to the sound of rain falling on the patio roof, something I’d not experienced for several months, and thought about how nice it is to listen to the rain when you’re all dry and cosy inside, especially when all tucked up in bed with a couple of cats. Then I thought about the wildfires that had been raging in the Málaga mountains since last Wednesday and hoped that these couple of rainy days would help put them out.

Woke up this morning to the wonderful news that the fires were now under control and sent the above tweet from bed… a few minutes later it dawned on me that IT’S NOT MONDAY, IT’S TUESDAY. Oops. So I corrected myself in a follow up tweet but not before getting a few “you need coffee!” type of replies. Which was true of course, but it’s equally true that I often don’t know what day it is any more. Whatever! It’s a happy day. And I’m extra happy because I am doing my first sherry tasting of the year this afternoon. So Happy Tuesday everyone!  🙂