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This makes me happy. Our health minister has announced that the mask mandates presently in place will continue until at least next spring. This means that masks must be worn everywhere inside (except when you are seated at a table eating or drinking) and – listen up people! – you can go without a mask outdoors ONLY IF YOU MAINTAIN 1.5 METRES BETWEEN YOU AND EVERYBODY ELSE. It’s this last one that hasn’t been adhered to since the tourists starting piling back into Spain. And yes, some locals also flout this rule, but it is mostly tourists. Anyhow… this is a huge relief. I’m glad we’re not going the way of the US and UK on this one. 😷

By the way, these are the masks I’ve been buying. Locally made by Daysan and excellent quality, about 10€ for 50 masks. Time to place another order…