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It’s no secret that Morcilla is totally in charge over here at Casa Azahar. And probably never more so than in her role as my Purrsonal Assistant. She loves to jump up when I am seated at my desk, do a little walk around my shoulders and back (and across the rack) before settling down on my right shoulder, and then she starts purring like crazy and occasionally nuzzles my ear with her little nose and then I am dead. But what this also means is that I cannot get up from my desk while all this lovely stuff is going on, so I may as well keep on working. And she weighs next to nothing, so it’s like having a little love angel on my shoulder (though I sometimes have to rearrange where she is sticking her claws in, easier in winter).

But I mean… just look at her. So sure of herself, so content looking out the open balcony doors from her cuddly perch. My sweet girl.

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