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local hero

Walking past my neighbourhood churros place, the legendary Calentería San Pablo, I saw these signs (the Spanish one says “we won’t serve anyone without a mask”) and asked if I could take a photo. Because… YES. The churros counter is open to the street but of course people coming up to place orders are less than a metre away from the staff. I was told they have been threatened by customers who yell at them and say all kinds of nasty crap. But you know what? Their business, THEIR RULES. So suck it up, assholes.

I am so grateful for the continued mask mandate in Spain, which we’ve been told will be in place at least until spring. Even though more and more people (mostly tourists) are not wearing masks outdoors even when not maintaining the 1.5 metre social distance requirement, at least there is an element of safety when going anywhere indoors or public transport, etc.

Covid infection numbers have been steadily rising the past few weeks and there is already talk of the sixth wave. Happily they have reduced the time between second jabs and the booster, from six months to three, so I should be getting mine very soon.