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I first met Jonathan back in 2008 when he opened a little bar around the corner from my then house in Barrio Santa Cruz. And we got to be good neighbours and pals, I even helped him set up his first social media stuff. But then I moved to HELL ALLEY and we kind of lost touch. And somehow I never got back to update his bar on my website (last update October 2011!!), though I did visit him in a tiny new bar he opened with his father just off the Alfalfa, now sadly closed due to Covid.

Anyhoodle… when I was at the fab Delgado Zuleta wine event last Monday there was Jonathan! And we had a chance to talk and I found out that Bodeguita La Parihuela has expanded into a connecting building and I promised to stop by soon to check it out and try some tapitas. Which ended up being today. Gotta say I was pleased with both the new look and the menu. Jonathan hasn’t forgotten his roots and the staff, although a bit bumbly at times, were eager to please. I’ll be updating it on Sevilla Tapas as soon as possible, but for now you can see some of the tapas over here.