bday cava

I had big ideas for this milestone birthday. My first thought was to take myself somewhere, like I did on my 60th. In fact I thought about taking the same trip, which was to Barcelona by train (because I certainly didn’t fancy getting on a plane). But then omicron came, the “numbers” suddenly went up all over Spain, and so a trip anywhere became out of the question. Then I thought… maybe a small party? I toyed with that idea, wondering how and where to do it outside, and with whom.

But as the day drew closer I realised I still hadn’t made any plans so in the end I decided to just go with, well, whatever came up. At first this felt a bit sad, because I was really hoping to do something special and memorable and all that. But you know what? It was fine. A lovely (6 hour!) lunch today out in good company, with delicious food and plenty of wonderful wine. With more birthday celebrations (sort of) planned for the weekend. My new hashtag on Instagram is #puentedemicumple. Will do a recap on Monday!