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caturday january 15 2022

This is a pic from 2013 when Morcilla was still a kitten and she and Loki used to cuddle. It’s both sweet and sad because they never do this anymore. Luna cuddles with both Loki and Morcilla, but these two have somehow “fallen out” except when they both want to be on my lap. THEN they will put up with each other, or rather Morcilla will put up with Loki because she feels safe on my lap. Loki can be a real asshole at times and out of the blue gets quite aggressive with the girls and I don’t know why. Plus he’s massive and could hurt them, though I only worry about Morcilla (she’s so tiny) because only a total idiot with a death wish would try and mess with Luna. Anyhow, I really love this photo.