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Starting today the outdoor mask mandate has been lifted other than for when people are at crowded outdoor events (football matches, concerts) though to be honest it gets just as crowded at midday on Calle Sierpes here. The Ministry of Health still recommends the use of the mask outdoors when there are crowds in which it is not possible to maintain a distance of one and a half meters. Again, like most streets in the centre of Sevilla. But this is a recommendation, not a requirement. Getting mixed responses on Twitter. One guy on Twitter said he was going to wait and see what everyone else was doing… not usually the best indicator of how one should actually behave. Basically I agree with this guy…

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I am just going to keep on the way I have been. Since I am usually going somewhere when I go out and will have to put a mask on before entering anyhow, why not just wear it? I mean, if I am walking outside and there is nobody around, I’ll pull the mask down to my chin so I can breathe more easily, and then if someone shows up I just have to pull it up again. Easy. There’s so much we still don’t know, especially about the new omicron variants… and now more reports are coming in about long covid and other ways the virus continues to affect our bodies after it’s supposedly gone.

Meanwhile, in Spain masks are still required everywhere indoors unless you are seated at a table in a restaurant. They are still required on all public transit, and in hospitals and schools. What’s it like where you are?