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mask upgrade

I’ve mostly been relying on surgical masks (made locally) for day-to-day use because I tend to be either outdoors or in well-ventilated indoor situations. BUT… I have a work trip coming up to Barcelona which is both exciting and a bit terrifying. I mean, I haven’t been to BCN since 2014 when I took myself up there for a birthday treat. And I have to say that part of me is really looking forward to being there again, but another part of me is going OMG because, of course, Covid.

Just like the last trip I’ll be taking the AVE fast train direct from Sevilla to Barcelona, a 5.5 hour trip. Which really ends up mostly the same amount of time as flying there (it’s a really short flight). But if you take into account getting to and from the airport, having to arrive at the airport and hour or so ahead of time, and blah blah blah… just no. I really enjoyed the train ride last time. Got to watch a film, read a bit, hang out on social media, and visit the bar car. PLUS I could bring as much luggage as I wanted to.

Of course now the big question is about travelling safely, on a train for all that time. Happily we still have a mask mandate for all public transport, so everyone will have masks on. But it made me think that it was time for a mask upgrade. So I am looking at getting some FFP2/FFP3 KN95/N95 masks for my trip. Still working out what the differences are between them, but clearly they are more effective than surgical masks. Anyhow, wish me luck! My first MAJOR TRIP since March 2020.