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ac oclock

Ever since electricity rates skyrocketed during and after the first LOCKDOWN, and even more so recently, we have been living under these varied times that show us when it’s cheapest to use our appliances. Which isn’t too difficult, though I have to admit I haven’t seen much of a saving from putting my laundry on at 5 am. And now that the AC is crucial… well, I do try to hold out until 2 pm when the cheaper rate kicks in for the afternoon, but then up it goes again during the evening, which is when you really need it. I’ve decided… fuck it. As (too many) people are so fond of saying these days… it is what it is. I don’t recall every living in a place that had these different “per hour” rates, but maybe it’s like that everywhere and I just didn’t realise? All I know is that my electricity bills have doubled since 2020.