… you start wearing a fucking bib to eat!

Ever since, well probably almost forever, I have never sat at the table to eat a meal when I was alone. I have always sat in my comfy chair with my feet up, either reading or watching tv while eating, and YES I KNOW this is a bad habit. Just like taking your iPhone to bed. So sue me.  I do both. And when the flatmate returned there were both of us eating in our respective comfy living room seating during meals while checking out what was good on Netflix. And constantly spilling food down our fronts because, well, no table. Before when eating something especially spilly I’d tuck some paper towels into the neck of my Day PJs, elegant as always, and that seemed good enough. But was it really? So I googled adult bibs one day and omg it was sad, all kinds of medical websites and not actually any better options than a whack of paper towels. AND THEN I was in El Corte Inglés the other day and saw these light cotton aprons (6€ each) and decided, why not? Of course it’s a bit cumbersome (and hot in summer) to wear a full apron while eating, so I just cut them off at waist length, cut off the ties, and voilà. Bibs. With handy pockets for napkins. Bonus!