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morales lamina (1)

So this is what led me to discover Cuadros Venecia the other day. My friend Reyes Morales had given me this fabulous print of her bar by local artist Alfredo Rodríguez and I needed to find a frame. Alfredo started his Fachadas de Sevilla & Co as something to keep him occupied during lockdown and now he has over 50 in the collection, which are available as hand signed limited releases. The detail here is amazing, as it is in all of his drawings. So this is now my second of the collection (I bought Casa Eme in 2020 after hearing he had shut for good). Below you can see some close ups of Casa Morales and a pic of the first sketch he made (swiped from Alfredo’s Instagram). I really love these.

morales lamina (2)

morales lamina (3)

morales lamina
from Alfredo’s Instagram page @alfredorfz

caturday sept 4 2022