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airfryer accessories

I finally caved and bought some accessories for The Storm Cooker. The problem has been that they always come in packs and most (okay all) have things I don’t need or want. This is the closest assortment I found that had most of what I wanted (though my air fryer already came with a skewer rack, so now I have two) and as it’s the January Sales I got a good price. ALSO… my oven started acting up over Christmas, blowing the fuse box when I tried to use it, so for now I am more reliant on the air fryer than before. Now I can cook things with sauces, etc. Have missed my oven over the winter though. Hoping it’s just an internal fuse or something else simple, but for now that repair will have to wait until I get back to work. Anyhow by March it’ll be too warm to use the oven, so might hold off until after the summer. Meanwhile, going to have some fun with these guys.