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storm trooper

Remember when I was thinking about getting an air fryer? Well I did some research about size and brands, etc and then saw that El Corte Inglés was having a special offer on appliances, with most of them 20-25% off (sin IVA) and this one had excellent reviews, was suddenly much cheaper, so what the heck. But the thing is, on the website the white model looked more elegant than the black one, so I opted for that, but when I got it home and set up on my kitchen counter… fucking Storm Trooper, am I right?? I suppose it’s better than the shiny black Darth Vader option, but I mean!

And so I immediately got to work trying out a few things. Of course the first thing to realise is that this badly named appliance doesn’t “fry” anything. It works much like my fan oven, blasting hot air around the food so that the surfaces crisp up more than with a conventional oven. Which is fine with me because I was mostly looking for a way to do small batch stuff that I would normally use my fan oven for, but without having to heat up the entire oven – and kitchen.

Yet even knowing all that the FIRST thing I tried making was chips. And of course they weren’t chips. They were oven-baked chip-shaped potatoes. Not bad, but not chips. Since then I’ve tried wings twice and roasted potatoes with very good results. Next up will be croutons! Also meatballs. So I think it was a worthwhile purchase because it will save on energy costs. But I’m now thinking I should’ve gone with the black and brushed silver Moulinex.