caturday feb 18 2023

Some news. Loki was vomiting overnight so I took him back to the vet this morning before my tapas tour. Yesterday they hadn’t wanted to “over-jab” him but said if he vomited again to come in. So… another jab! Then I had to go to work and so Peter took Loki home and got him comfy, wrapped up in the duvet on the sofa. But later Peter told me he still wouldn’t eat.

So I tried him again when I got home, this time mixing his food with a little water and putting some of it into a large syringe (needle out, of course) that I’d picked up at the vet’s, scooped Loki up in my lap and squirted some of it into his mouth (that missing incisor actually made for an excellent entry point). And omg, Loki suddenly perked up and started licking the syringe demanding more, so then I switched to a spoon and spoon-fed my darling boy, almost beside myself with happiness. He wanted to eat! After a good feed he had a good drink of water and now… it’s face-down flat-out siesta time. I know it’s all touch and go at the moment, but hey, I’ll take this. Happy Caturday everybody.