king of kozy

Back at the vet’s today for Round 3 of The Treatment. I’m very sad to say that Loki really doesn’t seem to be doing well. When I took him in on Monday it was almost an afterthought. Since I had to take Morcilla in so the vet could look at the mysterious lump on her head, which I thought was the real emergency, I thought I would take Loki too as he’d been looking a bit low and I didn’t like how my previous vet handled the last blood test he’d had with them, and so this would be a good opportunity for another check-up and blood test. And now I’m not sure if it was too little too late. Today the vet told me that, given Monday’s blood test results, they were very surprised he’d been mostly asymptomatic. No vomiting, no diarrhea, no blood in stools… AND he was still eating and drinking. Now, not so much. He’s gone off his food, mostly looks tired and sad. I don’t even know what to think or feel right now. Next treatment is on Monday.

Anyhow, this afternoon he was hiding out in my bedroom so I brought him out to be on the sofa near me while I work, but he looked so uncomfortable, all hunched up. Then I took out the summer duvet and made a little nest for him… and he went straight in. Bless. He looks much cosier now. My god, this is so hard, wanting to hope, scared to hope… but for now what I CAN do is keep my boy as comfy as possible and let him know how much he is loved.