colonoscopy prep 23

Since I’m apparently not allowed any more scans the oncologist agreed last September that I could have another colonoscopy as my last one was five years ago. It was supposed to be in February but then I finally heard from the hospital three weeks ago and they told me the appointment was for March 22nd – the day of Morcilla’s operation! So I asked if they could reschedule and now it will be this Wednesday at noon. Eep.

I’ve been on the low residual diet since Saturday and tomorrow it will be clear liquids all day until I have to start with the dread SOLUCIÓN EVACUANTE at 6 pm. To be honest, I’m a bit worried about this one because I’ve been having a fair bit of abdominal pain and general discomfort lately but was so caught up with all the cat trauma of the past month that I couldn’t allow myself to think about it much. So I guess it’s a good thing I’m getting the test done and hopefully it will turn out fine and put my mind at rest. Fingers crossed! 🤞