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yoga back

Yep, happened again. On Saturday morning I bent over THE WRONG WAY and a sudden intense jolt of AAARRGH⚡⚡⚡ left me in serious lower pain. This hasn’t happened in a long while (last time was Sept 2022) but it’s something I’ve been plagued with since a tobogganing mishap when I was 19. The first full-blown sciatica didn’t start happening until my mid-twenties, and back then it used to happen more frequently. Just awful. But lately, if I’m lucky, I get one or two episodes a year and, while I am much older and fatter, I’ve also learned how to “nip it in the bud” so to speak, so that I haven’t actually had sciatica since… don’t even remember when. Though the lower back pain on its own is excruciating enough. Anyhow, the damage has been done, so now the goal is to not damage things further, be careful … and keep moving.

Worst thing you can do when you have back pain is bed rest.

Meanwhile, this popped up on my Instagram feed today (wow, internet spies everywhere, haven’t even mentioned my back on Insta) with a sponsored ad suggesting 7 yoga postures to relieve back pain. And this was one of them…