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arrrgh 23

First cockroach sighting since May 2022, which is a bit of a record. During my 30 years in Sevilla I’ve usually found one or two of these vile creatures in my house during the summer months. They are often first discovered by the cats, who can sniff them out, and then proceed to kill them to smithereens. But sometimes they just pop out of nowhere like GAAAAAAAAAAAH. Like today. Luckily Peter was on hand with his trusty shoe to kill the fucker and then dispose of it down the toilet. I just can’t with these things. I mean, I know they are just a bug and, even though they are actually enormous cockroaches, they are still small compared to me. But I just can’t. Anyhow, going by past summers there should only be one more this year? Please? Or none? Even better.