When does it start?

For the past 4-5 days it’s gone up to about 21ºC in the afternoon. Last Saturday when Peter and I went out for tapas in the late afternoon was the first time I wore sandals this year. But since then I’ve been wearing shoes again … and today I wondered why.

If this was the beginning of November and 21ºC I’d definitely still be wearing sandals. But going in reverse (from cold to warm) it seems to require more than a couple of warm days to make the change.

Also, there seems to be an unwritten rule that people here don’t wear sandals before Semana Santa (Easter week), which is absurd. I don’t fall under this rule as I’m a foreigner and basically people expect me to be a bit weird. So I will be comfortably wearing a skirt with sandals in March when it’s 27º while other women are sweating in tights and shoes.

Any strange clothing rules where you live?

[note: on 3 March I found these!]