Back to the vet’s tonight for last Saturday’s test results . . .

Which all in all weren’t too bad. Given Sunny’s age (14) and the fact that he’s overweight, the worst of it was some slight irregularity with kidney and liver function, but nothing scary. The vet prescribed the same liver meds Sunny was on the time he ate the poisoned cockroach (don’t ask) which is really expensive, but at least it’s only for one month. And she has also changed the daily kidney pills (which she says he’ll probably be on for the rest of his life) which are about twice as much as the supplements he’s been taking, but oh well. Also, his glucose is a bit high, so we have to change his food, which means changing Azar’s food as well, but the vet said since Azar is close to Sunny’s age (he’s 12) that the new diet would be good for him too.

Once all the new food and meds were added up it came to 150 euros ( gaaaa! that’s half a new 3″ viewscreen camera!!! ) but whaddaya gonna do, eh? At least it’s food for about three months and meds for one month. But now the gatito monthly maintenance has just doubled – yikes!

Meanwhile, I mentioned to the vet that I should bring Azar in soon for a checkup and she said that I should wait for awhile because, given his age, a blood test is sure to show some weird chronic stuff like Sunny’s did and she suggested that we ‘recuperate’ a bit from this initial financial outlay first.

So it looks like we’ll have to cut out at least one of our almost planned trips. Or else not get the new camera. How’s that for luck, eh nursemyra? 😉 Actually, I’m just glad we can afford to take the boys for regular check-ups and look after them properly. I’d rather have them around for a few more years than anything else.

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