Meet Pipocas – popcorn mule and international woman of mystery . . .

Had a fabulous afternoon yesterday. Not only did I meet up with “S” (aka Pipocas) for a wonderful lunch at ay Maricrú, but I also got to pick up the Orville’s she brought back for me. I couldn’t believe how much she got – should keep me going for at least a couple of weeks. 😉


We started off our lunch with an amazing roasted tomato & goat cheese salad with pesto sauce, and a nice bottle of crisp & fruity white wine (rueda). Should have brought my little wine cooler thingy with me as we weren’t offered an ice bucket. Anyhow, about three very pleasant hours later we both wandered off back to work . . . I could really get used to this. 🙂


You can see the rest of our lunch tapas here – photos 19-22

And you’ll never guess what I had for dinner! f_popcorn.gif