Well, I think it’s cosmic … Nog says it’s karmic.

Whatever …

Back at the end of May I took a deep breath and posted this, explaining my situation and making a public plea for donations to help see me through June. This was before I found out I had cancer and thought I was just recovering from emergency surgery for an intestinal obstruction.

Once I started chemo in July and realised I wasn’t going to be able to work much (if at all) over the summer, I started this donations page.聽 I’ve recently had to revise that page, after finding out that I wasn’t going to be through with the chemo at Christmas as had been predicted previously. As most of you know, when I went in for my liver resection in September they found a whack of peritoneal lesions and just stapled me back up again. And my latest prognosis says that I’m now terminal …

Anyhow – and this is just the weirdest thing – ever since I started receiving donations from you wonderful people I have actually been receiving enough each month to get by on. The important word here is enough. Not more, not less. Even though some people have been repeat donors and others one-timers, some donating about 30 euros, others much more … it keeps adding up to a monthly figure of enough.聽 Go figure. It’s almost as if there’s some cosmic being up there keeping tally, who then either urges people to send something in or else lets them know that I’m okay until next month.

Whatever is causing this just enough phenomenon, it is helping me more than you can imagine. Not having to worry about how my share of the rent & bills is going to get paid, and not racking up massive credit card debt, takes a huge weight off my shoulders.聽 And friends here in Sevilla also help by accompanying me to hospital appointments, taking me out for lunch, and basically being just a phone call away. And of course, superstar Nog is always there, doing whatever he can.

Damn, but I’m lucky.