All three biopsies came back negative!!!

So it was back to the hospital this morning with Pipocas. I was supposed to get my belly looked at again after last week’s emergency trip due to having an infection.  I was worried because something gross had ruptured through the incision and was looking rather nasty, but it turned out not to be anything serious and I was even told I could stop taking the antibiotics now.  And while there I asked Amazing Nurse Person if she could check and see if my biopsy reports had come back …

She told me that I would have to talk to one of the liver surgeons (what are they really called?) because she needed authorization to give me that information, and she suggested that I go over to the ward and see if anyone was there.  And so that’s what Pip and I did and we found Gonzalo (aka Dr Dreamy) at the doctor’s station. He had a look on the computer and said the reports had just come in that morning and that they were all negative.  I went a bit duh at that point and said something like, “and so, that means they’re negative … it says negative, so they’re negative, right? Like, no cancer, negative.”  He finally cut me off and said , “Yes! It’s good news! Okay, it’s possible the cancer might come back, but for the moment you’re all clear”.  Then he printed a copy of the report for me and said if I wanted I could go and make an appointment with Oncology (my next appointment with Surgery is on January 13th).  So Pip and I went off to do just that … next Oncology appointment will be on January 12th, with chemo to follow shortly afterwards.

By then it was lunchtime and boy did we feel like celebrating, so I called my absoluteliest favourite Italian restaurant in Sevilla, Porta Rossa, and booked a table. Pip had never been there before, and we had a fabulous lunch and a wonderful time.

It’s still sinking in that – for the moment – things are looking quite optimistic, though I know that the chance of recurrence is still 50/50. But for now I’m just so relieved that I won’t need to have my spleen, a kidney and part of my pancreas removed. I think three major operations since May has really taken its toll … I’m taking a lot longer to snap back after this last one.

I’m also glad that I won’t have to start chemo until after Christmas and my birthday. So I’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season and build up my strength for the next chemo battle.

And now I have to go lie down … that tiramisu almost did me in.

Thanks, Pip! f_smooch.gif