Oh my fuck but it hurts!!!

I had spent yesterday morning lazily hanging out and then around noon decided to shower and get dressed to go out, as it was such a beautiful looking day out there. So I got into the shower and somewhere between then and drying myself my lower back went aaacck! Note that it wasn’t any specific movement – or even a specific moment – but over the next few minutes I went from having a painful twinge in my back to almost screaming in agony and not being able to walk or even stand up straight.  And that’s pretty much how it was for the rest of the day. . .

I could just about sit up in my comfy chair with strategically placed cushions, but getting up and down was awful. Like when I had to go to the bathroom or get something to eat or drink. And I mean excrutiatingly awful.  I had to take baby steps whilst listing off to one side and holding onto the walls for support. I honestly don’t remember a back “incident” being so bad (even though I’ve been having them since I was about 22). Given that they tend to happen once or twice a year I am actually very grateful that this never happened post-op … I mean, can you imagine?

So fuck. Spent all day yesterday in the comfy chair (I know from past experience that “bed rest” is one of the worst things I can do when my back is in spasm) making sure that I gently moved around as much as possible.  And between the ibuprofen and white wine (a lovely rueda) I was feeling a bit more relaxed by the evening.

But I’m so upset because this means I won’t be able to go to yoga next week. I don’t mind giving up the pilates short-term, but my yoga classes are so special and I really need them.

And dammit, I was trying so hard to “get healthy” again and feel positive and get back on my feet … and now this whole weekend has been shot to hell. Saving grace is that at least the livingroom smells of orange blossom. Small blessings…