This is such an amazing story, though I’m not quite sure where to begin …

What the heck, let’s start with raincoaster. Awhile ago Facebook killed her account for using a “fake name”, so she started a new one using her real name and went through the rather tedious exercise of getting her friends list back together.  This started me thinking that my FB Azahar Sevilla account would probably suffer the same fate and, although I really don’t like FB, Rain convinced me that it is excellent for promoting events like classes, and so I decided to set up a new account using my real name too. Starting from scratch also meant that I could weed out the … well, the weeds. And it was just the kind of semi-mindless project I felt up to tackling this week.

The amazing bit happens next …

I spent most of the afternoon going through my Azahar Sevilla friends list and sending out friend requests to those who I wanted to have access to my new account. And later on that day I got a message from one of these people, an old h2g2 friend I hadn’t heard from in years, who said that although he wasn’t on FB or h2g2 much anymore, he was pleased to find my friend request and to hear from me again. Then he gave me a quick update on what was going on in his life and asked how things were with me. Yikes. I realised he mustn’t know anything about the whole cancer saga. So I gave him a brief news report on that and said he could read more about it on my blog if he wanted to.

That evening I got a lovely email from Bob (not his real name) so full of love and caring – as well as some very good advice , including an excellent yoga breathing exercise – and he also said he would like to help out with a donation. I replied that a donation would be very much appreciated and told him about the Paypal button in case that would make it easier for him. I was also sent this great pic of his batch of kittehs when (as Bob put it) “they were still sweet little aaaaaah fluffies, not the lean mean killing machines they’ve now become”. It felt so nice to not only be back in touch, but to also feel like no time had passed and that we had just chatted yesterday.

chai's kittehs

Which brings me to yesterday’s day at the hospital and trying to organise some DIY health care amidst the chaos of hospital red tape and the general practice of keeping patients as confused and misinformed as possible. Nog and I were  waiting to see someone in the pain clinic at this point and I was having a quick look at my email on the iPhone and I saw that there was one from Bob and another from Paypal. And then the world stopped for a moment … because I had just been given a month of healing! It took my breath away. It still does writing about it now. I don’t think it’s actually sunk in yet, but thanks to Bob I can now spend one entire month not worrying about any financial stuff and can just focus on getting better. Gobsmacked doesn’t even begin to come close.

And then I remembered what Silverstar wrote in my “time out” post …

You have it right, just heal. I believe the universe will provide, maybe not the way we would like, but the that is right for us at the time. So many times I’ve just trusted, and the universe has come through.

Well, I sure as heck never expected anything as wonderful as this to happen. And yes, there are still an additional two months to get through, but somehow I think it’s all going to work out now and I’ll get through the summer and be ready to put my nose back to the grindstone in September. Well rested, with a lengthy remission ahead of me and a renewed faith in the universe.

Thank you so much, Bob.