After going a whole week with the scar area above my belly button being very sore and red, I decided it was time to get it checked out. Especially as a sizable lump had appeared over the weekend. So yesterday Flor picked me up around 6pm and took me to the hospital.  At first we went up to the “digestivo” ward to try and find one of my surgeons, but none of them were on duty at that time. What memories that brought back, seeing all the rooms again and the people in their beds (shudder!).  After that we went over to Emergency and got on the list, then went to Nuclear Medicine to see if any of The Team were there. Imagine my relief when I saw that both Pilar and Isabel were still at work…

I showed them my “red spot” and they said it looked like a hernia and not at all like a tumour, which was a huge relief. But they said I should go back to Emergency, and Pilar said she would go back up to the ward to see which surgeons were on duty. In the end she couldn’t find anyone we knew (one doctor from my team had just been called away to do a liver transplant at another hospital) but I was instructed to wait and see what the Emergency doc had to say.

Well, first of all he looked about 14 years old! I was beginning to worry about having to rely on this young pup’s clearly limited medical opinion when one of his superiors came in during the consultation and also had a look at my belly. She confirmed it was a hernia that had become a bit infected, but that it wasn’t necessary for me to see a surgeon. And so I now have to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for a week and see what happens. Apparently there is a chance that they will have to operate (!!!) but it shouldn’t be anything too serious. In any case, I think I’ll ask one of The Team to set up an appointment with one of my surgeons just to get an opinion I can trust. I’ve always liked my surgeons much better than my oncologists.

After leaving Emergency I decided to take advantage of being at the hospital and went up to oncology to get my port flushed a week early, which means I won’t have to do it again until my next appointment with Dr Ana on November 17th. And after that, Flor and I went out for a couple of tapas. It was so great of her to come with me.

And there you have it. I can’t tell you how scared I was all last weekend. Barely slept a wink, thinking that this lump in my belly was a tumour and all that entailed. I’ve really got to learn how to compartmentalise better. I also need to decide whether I should go to the gym this week.  Both Pilar and Isabel called me after I got home last night. Pilar said I could go if I made sure to take things really easy, but Isabel told me I should take some time off. The thing is, going to the gym is one of the main things keeping me sane lately, so I think I will go and just be really extra careful.

What do the experts say? Sled? Hmh? Gym or no gym?
(please say yes!)

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