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I’ll never understand UHT milk, or why it’s so popular in Spain. There is only one supermarket here in Seville that stocks fresh milk and even then it doesn’t always have it. And up until recently there was only one bar I knew of that made coffee with fresh milk – the Horno San Buenaventura. So when Flor invited me out for breakfast one morning after yoga class I was very pleased to discover that the new Italian restaurant across the street from the gym also makes their coffee with fresh milk. That’s TWO.

Seriously, there is something about the taste of UHT milk that makes me gag. But most Spanish people have never had any other sort of milk. I guess there isn’t such a huge dairy industry here or else they use it all to make cheese.

Anyhow, this is what good coffee in Sevilla looks like…

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… at Al Solito Posto and Horno San Buenaventurea